MessengerPlusLive UK TB Toolbar

MessengerPlusLive UK TB Toolbar

It helps you to get instant access to the most important Messenger Plus!
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MessengerPlusLive UK TB Toolbar is a browser utility which helps you to get instant access to the most important Messenger Plus! tools.
This browser tool is recommended not only for those who use Messenger Plus! extension for Windows Live Messenger, but also for those searching a useful browser toolbar.
It has been designed especially to improve quick access to Messenger Plus! Live Community Forum, Messenger Plus! skins or even launch Windows Live Messenger directly from your browser, but due to its extended usability it can be useful by anybody.
This extended usability is confirmed by the entire pack of components already available at installation. Several default components of this toolbar can be mentioned : search engine, online radio player, quick links to social networks, YouTube, PC maintenance applications etc. If you have to get instant access to different places on the web, you can choose to perform search queries using the integrated search engine.
Also, this browser tool represents flexible software as you can customize it by adding or removing components, such as: online games, weather forecaster, e-mail notifier etc. in order to meet your needs.
Considering this advantage, you have the possibility to increase the usefulness of the toolbar with every gadget added.
It is recommended to have this toolbar installed on your PC because it comes by default with an entire suite of useful tools for anyone.

Josephine Seaman
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  • support for Messenger Plus! components
  • extended usability by adding/removing components such as: online radio player, instant access to social networks, e-mail notifier


  • users can't be up-to-date with the latest news and announcements, because newsletter access is not suported
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